Sushinoen, White Church Lane, London

Sushinoen, White Church Lane, London

Japanese food is known as one of the world’s most famous cuisine for its subtle, delicate flavors along with unique ingredient selections. Despite being one of the earliest cuisines that features raw ingredients like fish and seafood hand-picked fresh from sea, Japanese dishes also tops the international charts for the mastery of its top-tier quality blades that perform the essential techniques in food preparation. On top of that, traditional Japanese dishes are a challenge to cook, as they require the professional skills in cutting, slicing, chopping, and mincing of ingredients. With this, Japanese delicacies like sushi and sashimi are the top most-searched Japanese menus that capture the hearts of gourmets worldwide.

As Japanese food requires a lot of patience, great understanding, and a dedication to succeed in the making of mouth-watering, perfect blends of flavors that can nowhere be found, Japanese food aspiring chefs are always in the search for new culinary equipment and supreme-quality cutleries. As intricacy and delicateness are two important keywords that best describe Japanese food in a nutshell, it is no doubt that gourmets will find Japanese food almost anywhere.

Despite sushi and sashimi having origins in Japan, the popularity of Japanese delicacies spread throughout the globe and has gone viral since the early 2000s. Decades ago, sushi and sashimi were only consumed among Japanese people living in the country as well as some other Asian countries nearby. However, the rising fame of Japanese delicacies have introduced the world to unique tastes and newfound originality that triggers the establishment and settlement of Japanese food restaurants worldwide. Although it might not seem like it, there are over millions of Japanese food restaurants in destinations all over the globe.

In London, UK, Japanese restaurants and even Japanese food specialty restaurants called ‘Omakase’ restaurants are available and well-known among gourmets. Located right at the heart of London, Sushinoen restaurant can easily be spotted on White Church Lane as among one of the fantastic, exquisite Japanese restaurants for the best dining experiences. The modern, yet cozy and simple interior makes Sushinoen a well-loved Japanese restaurant and one that receives high, positive votes from the locals. With a dominant, room-centered open sushi counter and an open kitchen that enables gourmets and diners to witness all the magic happening, sashimi lovers will absolutely enjoy the best dining experience here at Sushinoen.

For sashimi lovers, Sushinoen set and Sashimi Assortment sets are available choices to innocently enjoy the bliss of the unknown sashimi assortments and options. If ‘choosing what I eat’ is a concept one enjoys most, Sushinoen offers an ‘A La Carte Sashimi’ option that allows gourmets to choose up to 6 different sashimi pieces per portion (order by the piece is also available), with two top most-ordered ‘Very Fatty Tuna’ and ‘Medium Fatty Tuna’ sashimi. Colorful, vivid-colored sushi platters and delicious bento sets served with a variety of beverage choices available, got the diners beaming with joy.

The traditional, yet typical Japanese Sake is also available to match the delicate blends of sashimi pieces. With other types of Japanese dishes and appetizers like chicken ramen, Yaki Udon, and Takoyaki, gourmets can enjoy a wide range of flavors and the cozy, warm interior that matches along with the divine-tasting salads and sides.
If delightful appetizers, wonderfully fresh Sashimi, and mouth-watering Tempura sounds appealing, Sushinoen is indeed among the best choices to go to with friends, colleagues, and loved ones. Just in the heart of London, a traditional Japanese restaurant like Sushinoen is just the right place to enjoy the best of dining experiences without having to break a sweat and travel across the continent just to have a taste of extraordinarily unique dishes.