A Culinary Gem in Kensington: The Yashin Sushi Experience" Exploring Yashin Sushi, London

A Culinary Gem in Kensington: The Yashin Sushi Experience” Exploring Yashin Sushi, London

Nestled off High Street Kensington, Yashin Sushi presents itself as a modern and creative culinary delight in the heart of London. This sushi restaurant is renowned for its unique approach to traditional Japanese cuisine, offering an ever-changing menu that features seasonal ingredients and inventive combinations. It has established itself as a favorite for those seeking an exceptional dining experience, perfect for special occasions, date nights, or even solo adventures in the world of fine sushi.

Unique Culinary Approach

Yashin Sushi stands out for its philosophy of serving sushi “without soy sauce”, emphasizing the natural flavors of high-quality fish and creative toppings. This approach showcases the chefs’ confidence in the quality of their ingredients and their culinary skills. The menu includes items like sushi topped with yuzu salt, edible flowers, parmesan, truffle, and sun-dried tomatoes. Each ingredient, no matter how unconventional, is carefully chosen to complement, not overpower, the sushi’s flavor.

Diverse Menu Offerings

Beyond sushi, Yashin offers a variety of small plates. Highlights include the chargrilled octopus with Padron pepper and yuzu kosho, blending Japanese and Spanish influences, and the softshell crab with mizuna, a refreshing take on salads. Even the simple yet beautifully executed tuna with truffle-infused ponzu jelly is a testament to the restaurant’s commitment to flavor and quality.

Ambiance and Service

The restaurant’s layout features a sushi bar upstairs and a more intimate dining space downstairs. While the atmosphere is not described as particularly vibrant, the focus here is clearly on the food, which has been consistently praised for its quality and inventiveness. The service complements the culinary experience, being efficient and helpful, with a touch of personal warmth that makes the dining experience more enjoyable.

Pricing and Value

Yashin Sushi is on the higher end of the price spectrum, which is to be expected given its location in Kensington and the quality of the offerings. However, reviewers have noted that the lunch menu provides great value, making it a more accessible option for those who want to experience high-end sushi without the evening price tag.


Yashin Sushi is more than just a restaurant; it’s a culinary journey that challenges and delights with its unique approach to sushi. While it may not be the choice for a casual night out due to its pricing, it stands out as an ideal destination for those special occasions where food is the centerpiece of the experience.