Kikuchi – Hanway Street, London

Kikuchi – Hanway Street, London

Japanese food is known for its unique, extravagant, yet subtle and delicate flavors. Winning the hearts of diners from various destinations of the world, Japanese delicacies like sushi and sashimi are most-loved for the exoticness raw and fresh seafood provides to the table, but as for sushi, it is also very much appreciated for the soft, delicate flavors of seasoned Japanese rice which are formed through intricate rice-forming processes. In fact, if one is a huge fan of Japanese food, the complexity and intricacy these dishes have are probably the biggest factors that continue to reel more fans in.

The challenging food preparation processes, the wise selection of ingredients, and the eye-widening, unique aesthetics are all that truly makes Japanese delicacies worth the loyalty. However, behind the divine-tasing delicacies, Japanese food requires the passion, the dedication, traditional techniques, and the essential in-kitchen equipment to create mouth-watering dishes and delicacies unique and different from other kinds of cuisines. Although different chefs and culinary experts will have their own recipes passed on from generations to generations and their very own originality in the way they serve Japanese delicacies, what all professionals need is a Japanese knife. Behind the scenes of all food preparation processes, the fine selection of premium-quality ingredients, and the professionalism seen through the vivid orange Salmon pieces and fresh Fatty Tuna slices, a Japanese knife and the techniques required to utilize it must be handled by professional Japanese food chefs.

As Japanese food and delicate dishes are loved for the high-drive dedication which requires immense training period and the great understanding of all food preparation processes from its core, Japanese food lovers are always in the search for just the authentic Japanese food restaurant in various destinations. Residing out of Japan, one might believe it can be a challenge to find an authentic Japanese food restaurant or a specialty restaurant like Omakase. However, it is not true at all – there are so many Japanese restaurants there out in the world with extraordinary-tasting, deliciously-made sushi and sashimi dishes with fantastic social-media friendly aesthetics for the blogging hobby to live on.

In London, United Kingdom, there are many Japanese restaurants, including Omakase restaurants diners can enjoy. Among the top, most-loved Japanese food restaurants in London, Kikuchi is one of the delicate delights Japanese food fans and gourmets enjoy for the seasonal menus and traditional dishes that frequently change according to the available ingredients as chefs deem fit. The head chefs and culinary professionals here in Kikuchi offer diners and cordon bleus the variety – each visit will surprise diners with unique sushi and sashimi pieces selected by head chefs in Kikuchi. Sushimi A La Carte features seasonal and fresh seafood pieces and raw fish that will melt the tastebuds in no time. Considered one of the top Omakase restaurants in London, Kikuchi is also known for its beautifully prepared authentic dishes with fantastic sides and aesthetics worth the first try.

Definitely one of the hidden culinary gems in London, Kikuchi is also famous for its quality and decently-priced dishes. If diners are curious about any dish, professionals here at Kikuchi are always ready to provide explanations and thorough details about ingredients or preparation processes. Apart from fresh seafood and wise selections of fish types, Kikuchi is also well-known for its wonderful Sake, to be enjoyed along with divine-tasting dishes. Presentation of all dishes and the fresh flavors of all dishes here in Kikuchi are welcomed with open arms by diners and gourmets from different parts of the world. However, it is best to book and reserve a seat prior to the visit to be ensured the best service.