Ginza St. James – The Authentic Dining Destination for Japanese Food Lovers

When it comes to the matter of food, making a definite decision upon where and what to eat may be among the most challenging topics of debate. Although there are a wide variety of dishes and menus that are loved by diners worldwide, in the end: we all have different preferences. However, it can’t be denied that, among the most popular culinary delicacies out there, Japanese food tops the list and charms its fans with delicate, yet exotic flavors of originality like no other.

The authentic flavors of your all-time favorite sashimi pieces and the delicate, subtle tastes of unique-flavored sushi may keep you hungry for more. As Japanese cuisine differs quite a bit from Western cuisine like those of burgers, fries, and mashed potatoes, gourmets and diners from various destinations are mostly intrigued by the ‘newness’ each Japanese dish expresses through its fine ingredient selections and quality, hand-crafted food preparation processes.

Along with the increase in popularity and fame, Japanese cuisine has earned its fans and followers for decades with the eye-catching and sensational aesthetics very pleasing to the eyes and extremely social media-friendly. As a result of that, Japanese food and its fame spread like wildfire throughout the globe, pushing its boundaries into Western countries and destinations with completely different styles of cuisine and food preparation cultures.

Among those, UK stands tall with its wide variety of luxurious, authentic Japanese restaurants and specialty dining places which lies in the corners of the beautifully structured, lively city – London.

In London, the existence of mischievous, worth-exploring culinary gems is behind the rapid growth of Japanese cuisine and the enriching, memorable dining experiences it provides. Gourmets and diners are intrigued with the official lineups of numerous authentic dining places that offers diners fresh, fine-selection of ingredients – cooked and raw for the crafting of Japanese delicacies.

Among the top restaurants in the busy streets of London, Ginza St. James is indeed a unique venture, an authentic Japanese restaurant that strives to deliver creative culinary wonders and portray the beauty of Japan through its culinary cultures.

Ginza St. James offer diners and cordon bleus with the extraordinary dining experience that features the Robata counter that actively delivers fine selections of ingredients accompanied by the smoky aroma from the Teppan-yaki charcoal pieces, the old-style dining experience that enables diners to enjoy the magic of live cooking. Here at Ginza, diners are welcomed with a unique sushi counter that lies within the interior to showcase all the mastery of Japanese blade skills – the swift cuts, perfect slices, one-blow boning, and sharp, precise filleting.

With an Omakase sushi counter, gourmets will engage in the full-blown ‘up-to-me’ dining style. In other words, allow the head chef to cook according to what he feels like cooking today, right in front of you. Head chefs here at Ginza takes over the counter and utilizes all his tools and skills to create imaginative dishes that also combines the traditions and cultures of Japan. Ginza’s top fish ingredients may involve the fresh selection of Otoro, Salmon, Hamachi, Akami, and Seabass – where all these high-quality, fresh ingredients are selected by head chefs and culinary professionals here at Ginza to make high-end, extraordinary dishes and signature menus. Located in Bury Street, London, Ginza St.

James is among the top Japanese restaurants that offer supreme-quality ingredients but also the wonderful, unique flavors of Sake. Although there are a total of 5 quality Sake drinks at Ginza, the vast variety pinpoints and showcases the strong differences in flavors which will cater to the different preferences diners and Sake lovers have.