Sanjugo Shoreditch

Sanjugo Shoreditch

Japanese food lovers can’t deny that fact that authentic, traditional Japanese dishes are extremely hard to find. Although there are various cities and towns with numerous Japanese food restaurants that offer exquisite dishes and signature menus, not all are worth the visit. Especially if you’re out of Japan living elsewhere, the traditional tastes and authentic flavors of fine ingredients found in extraordinary Japanese menus can be a challenge to find. However, in London, UK, there are indeed, Japanese culinary gems worth going to with family and friends to enjoy the authentic, Japanese dining experience like never before.

Looking for an authentic Japanese dining experience in the UK? Located just across London, Sanjugo Shoreditch is indeed a must-visit and among the most interesting Japanese restaurants that lies along the 35 Scrutton Street. Diners and Japanese food fans can witness the magical wonders of fresh ingredients and a selection of premium-quality raw fish as well as seafood choices. The exquisite blends of unique flavors, scents, and vivid colors turn on the taste buds’ sensory abilities and make your mouth water with desire for more. Sushi, sashimi, donburi, Bao buns, Japanese Sake, and so much more will turn your typical dinner date into a divine, Japanese dining experience.

Japanese delicacies, special signature dishes, and menus to dive you out of your ‘comfort zone’ are Sanjugo Shoreditch’s essentials. It is important for diners to enjoy unique dishes and menus that are out of the ‘ordinary’ here at Sanjugo. Head chefs and professionals are keen to offer diners with exquisite blends of varying flavors through a fine selection of ecstatic, mouth-watering fresh ingredients. To come up with fantastic menus and main dishes, the passion and the strong dedication to authenticity, to will to remain originality, yet be unique and imaginative are what drives professionals and culinary experts here at Sanjugo to always be energetic and active in brainstorming.

Even for starters, the not-so-ordinary Edamame and Seaweed salad will immediately take the spot under the limelight. Despite the lack of interest in the names and of how these starter dishes are called, the seasoning of both ordinary dishes turn them into ‘extraordinary’ starters. The Edamame or the Japanese traditional boiled soybeans sprinkled with sea salt is often served as a nice starter; however, the spicy version of the latter, the Spicy Edamame, is also one of the popular starters served with spicy chilling dressing, leveling up the ordinary to another realm.

Despite seaweed salad’s dull name, this refreshing starter is topped with green leaf veggies and seaweed, along with the Japanese sesame salad dressing to hype up the leafy components. Other special starters like Chicken Yakitori, Vegetable Croquette, Gyoza (Fried Vegetable Dumplings), Tofu Steak, and the typical Japanese Miso soup are of course, must-try’s that’ll make you want to come back every time you need a quiet place for inspiration once in a while.

Here at Sanjugo Shoreditch, the traditional Japanese Sake is also available for diners who are foreign of Japanese liquor to try out the exotic, yet delicate and subtle blends of the unknown. Known to be slightly soothing and new to many foreigners, the authentic Japanese Sake is indeed among the most ordered beverages here in Sanjugo. With warm and cozy vibes surrounding the environment here in Sanjugo, diners are welcomed warmly by dedicated staffs who are passionate about Japanese food, serving and attending to diners with care.

Indeed a gem of a restaurant, lunch offerings and extremely fresh sushi pieces are what diners come back for. To ensure just the best Japanese dining experience and to guarantee there is a table for you, it is best to make a reservation prior to your visit here in Sanjugo Shoreditch.