Dozo Soho, London

Dozo Soho, London

Imagine being in the crowded streets of London, looking for something ecstatic to fulfill your needs of having the best dining experience ever, in a long, long time. Strolling along the hectic, busy city filled with people and bright lights that reflect the packed population of life, a decent meal or a fine dining experience can be something that truly heals the anxious mind.
When it comes to fine dining, people often think of Japanese food. Without having to back up the latter assumption, diners from all parts of the world know just how much Japanese cuisine fills in the gap between happiness and supreme happiness.

Japanese cuisine is all about ‘intricacy’ and ‘delicacy’ – signature delicacies hand-cooked by culinary experts and professional chefs are what makes diners and gourmets excited to try new flavors that come from all the creative blends and combinations of premium quality ingredients. In London, it may seem like a challenge to find decent Japanese restaurants offering diners premium quality ingredients, creative dishes, and sweet customer service. However, it is not impossible to enjoy the bright streets of London and have the best dining experience at ‘Dozo Soho’ or ‘Dozo Sushi’, London.

More than just a sushi restaurant, here at Dozo Soho, cordon bleus and gourmets (specifically fans of Japanese food) will have a fantastic time enjoying fine quality, contemporary, and authentic Japanese dishes like no other.

Unlike other places where people would say, ‘do not go there with any expectations’, diners can have their hopes up high. Offering high quality, unique dishes, Dozo Soho is an excellent Japanese restaurant located just on the Old Brompton Road, with a passion and dedication to bring high spirits of originality to the table. Here at Dozo Soho, diners can enjoy fresh, authentic sashimi dishes accompanied by exquisite, fine-quality sake and wine. Along with a stylish, unique, and a modern twist of flavors, diners will definitely have just the best dining experience through the Dozo Soho prided combinations of unique flavors resulting from the original blends of premium quality fish, seafood, and original recipes of liquid condiments and sauces.

Innovative techniques performed by professional chefs here at Dozo Soho are what truly makes this restaurant a strong stand-out among others – where chefs and culinary experts who work here are highly-skilled and dedicated to perform the mastery of the blades with confidence and showcase their personal dedication and passion to craft delicious, mouth-watering culinary pieces of art.

Delighting and catering to the needs of the tastebuds, signature dishes and bare sushi bars are available to allow diners to witness the beauty of sushi/sashimi-making – the process of pure intricacy, subtleness, and beautiful complication.

Decorated with themes that offer the feelings of elegance and luxury, Dozo Soho is as well a cozy, warm Japanese restaurant that offers diners high quality customer service, catering to the preferences of gourmets with care. To create a welcoming environment of divine ecstasy, Dozo Soho aims to continuously come up with imaginative dishes, new and unique drinks, as well as signature menus to trigger the tastebuds and offer them the adventure nowhere to be found. Offering gourmets with special sushi rolls and nigiri pieces filled with premium quality ingredients is what makes this restaurant known among diners in London. The specially prepared sashimi pieces or the so-called ‘Chef Selection Sashimi’ pieces are as well the top most-ordered among the dishes here in Dozo Soho.

Enjoy the best dining experience with your friends and loved ones, either walk-in or make a reservation in advance (highly recommended). Indeed among London’s culinary gems, Dozo Soho will leave a strong mark in your heart with its unique combinations of divine-tasing dishes.