Sushi Atelier, Fitz Rovia

Just perfect for the casual weeknight dinner, a date with your loved ones, or just a place to catch up with your pals after a long, tiring week of work haul, Sushi Atelier, Fitz Rovia is just the right place to get immersed in the authentic Japanese flavors. Specifically with the love for fancy colored, vivid shades of orange seen in bright Salmon slices or grilled Eel topping sushi with dabs of wonderfully spicy Wasabi pastes, you can’t miss this place.

Sushi Atelier is in Great Portland

Indeed a great spot to find good dining places and Japanese restaurants. When people say, “Well, London has so many great sushi places!” you can’t be sure if that can be trusted unless you’ve tried literally just everything, everywhere. However, at Sushi Atelier, we can be sure about one simple thing: quality. This place offers quality dishes with fine selection of fresh ingredients. Be it clams, Hokkaido crabs, the basic Salmon (Sake), or even the ordinary Ebi shrimps, Sushi Atelier never lets you down with detailed processes of selection. Sushi Atelier is also known for its solid foundations when it comes to sushi, specifically not trying to alter the exotic tastes of fish with seasonings and such. Trying to keep the tastes original and filial to its origins, this place showcases the ‘freshness’ of raw ingredients with pride.

If you’re interested in trying out new flavors, Sushi Atelier has its own crafts too. Unique fish toppings, extraordinarily new seafood topped on the authentic, traditional moistened vinegar rice, and even dipping sauces could surprise you. Instead of overpowering the fish – which is the main ingredient, most signature menus like ‘Butterfish Carpaccio topped with Foie Gras’ or ‘Razor Clam Cleviche’ would instead, enhance the exotic flavors of the fish or seafood. Most fancy toppings and extreme alterations to dishes served at other restaurants would overpower the unique originality fish and seafood could offer, which can be sad. However, here at Sushi Atelier, chefs are highly capable of showcasing and enhancing the trails of the sea – the birthplace of fishes and seafood. Gyoza or fried Japanese dumplings may sound pretty ordinary, but here at Sushi Atelier, it is also among the most popular dishes ordered and loved by diners. Served hot with the special Gyoza sauce, Japanese street food lovers would also enjoy this menu.

Despite the place’s fancy sushi toppings served with extravagant garnishes, Sushi Atelier is very casual and laid back

A great dining location to catch up with your old friends or colleagues. A clean sushi counter is right in place, located at the ground floor, baring all the sushi-making processes for you to witness magic just right in front of your eyes.

Omakaze sushi served here at Sushi Atelier is among London’s best. Master Chefs would prepare a variety of sushi dishes and toppings according to the seasons, catering to the preferences of diners who would come all the way from different places. Different selections of sushi pieces and toppings would often surprise diners, as different daily chefs would prepare their own crafts and insert their creativity into all delicate art pieces. Sometimes you’ll get to eat fish with truffles, and some days you’ll get to try out fresh raw fish with whisky jelly topping, granting yourself a new dining experience to better understand the beauty behind Japanese cuisine and its enchanting traditions. The cost of dining here at Sushi Atelier is extremely a satisfactory compared to other Omakase restaurants out there. If you’re in London and looking for a great, casual place to dine with your loved ones, just have a chill meeting with your colleagues, or have a warm, cozy date with your mom, Sushi Atelier is just the right place to enjoy Japanese cuisine and have a great time.