SUMI by Endo Kazutoshi and Yasuda Akinori

SUMI by Endo Kazutoshi and Yasuda Akinori

London is now more than just a city with busy lights, growing fast with high numbers of population, crowded buildings, and institutions – but a place that hides its culinary gems. There are countless numbers of growing fine diners, luxurious restaurants, specialty cuisine, and international restaurants here in the UK along with the increasing interests in the food culture among new generations. Getting the old taste buds to feel the ‘unique’ flavors has now become a trend among food lovers and diners here in London, which marks the high increase in more restaurants with originality, authenticity, and style. Among those, Japanese restaurants receive highest interests for its traditional, authentic flavors, yet subtle and intricate in textures.

Its world-wide famous sushi pieces are believed to be crafts of pure magic

The extraordinary tastes pulled from all the raw ingredients combined to create unique tastes of divine balanced perfection melting in the mouth. With its popularity peaked, Japanese sushi has now marked itself a trend-setting leader in the food industry among the people here in London. Omakase restaurants or the luxurious, specialty cuisine fine dines have emerged in the city full of lights and beams of radiance. Introducing the true Japanese flavors reflected on the vivid colors of Salmon, the scents of Nori seaweed, and the subtle flavors of the Miso soup, diners are in awe of the aesthetics and the delicious tastes lingering in their hearts. Japanese cuisine and its never-to-be-forgotten flavors will make diners unsure of what they should say after every meal; instead of a traditional ‘Gochisosama’, an ‘OMG’ might slip out of their mouths before they realize.

Among the top-tier, luxurious Japanese sushi find dines in London, a place known as ‘SUMI’ is indeed attracting the eyes of the wanderers.

With its opening in December 2020, SUMI finally launched its restaurant officially in Notting Hill. This beautiful place with extraordinary meals is owned and run by a Michelin-awarded Master chef, Endo Kazutoshi and also the very well-known head chef named Yasuda Akinori. These two Master chefs are highly professional when it comes to the delivery of their expressions and ideals through their creations of quality art pieces. They would offer guests and diners a choice to either be seated just by the counter to witness the processes of sushi-making, or the traditional seats a little further away. As most diners would love to have a birds-eye view of the intricate processes, the crafting aesthetics, it can’t be denied that the best option is to sit at the chef’s sushi table to see, smell, and be immersed in the sushi world for a minute.

SUMI’s highlights include what is referred to as ‘Hotate’. A Hotate is a menu consisting of a Temaki which is made up of scallops in dices and Hana Hojiso flowers. It is an amazingly unique dish highly regarded as one of the best by diners who have dined here in SUMI. The aesthetics of this dish is no joke, so prepare your cameras and ready to snap the shots. Another signature dish would be the Wagyu striploin and white fish steak served along with Ponzu sauce and seaweed sides. This will also be an absolute best for Wagyu beef lovers, plus the Ponzu sauce will add the ‘Japanese’ feels to the dish.

If you’re hungry and ready to dine here at SUMI, it is a must to make a reservation beforehand.

Let the chefs know your preferences if there were to be any, and enjoy the best time of your life dining here at SUMI. With finest quality ingredients selected to cater to your curiosity and culinary needs, SUMI is surely among London’s best Japanese sushi places to always remember.