Rock Star Sushi Bar, London

Rock Star Sushi Bar, London

Japanese cuisine rocks the world with its elegance – the unique, extraordinary blends of flavors from a variety of ingredient selections. In different parts of the globe, there is no deny that Japanese restaurants earn their fame and popularity through the choice of premium quality ingredients and seasonings – where Wasabi paste, Shoyu sauce, and seaweed sprinkles add to the level of divine deliciousness each and every dish has to offer.

Japanese food and its good reputation has led to the increase in countless numbers of Japanese restaurants worldwide; although there are different kinds of Japanese restaurants that offer varying dishes according to their specialty, Japanese food lovers and gourmets would love the authentic, traditional Japanese restaurants that offer signature dishes and menus that reflect Japan’s culture, traditions, and their unique ingredient choices.

To gourmets living out of Japan, finding a decent Japanese restaurant may not be a difficult task as there are a plenty of Japanese restaurants, sushi bars, and even Japanese-Western fusion restaurants. However, finding a traditional Japanese restaurant, the real deal, may be a challenging one. In London, one of the busiest cities in the United Kingdom, Japanese restaurants are abundant – among those, Rock Star Sushi Bar is perhaps, a culinary gem one ought to discover.

Dine like a Rock Star

Located in Merton Abbey Mills, also known as a former textile factory in the parish of Merton, London, Rock Star has established its own territory among the other retail stores and restaurants in the area. Its interior features warm and cozy furniture – simple, yet lofty designs make it a great place to casually dine with loved ones or spend a great time with co-workers after long hours of stress.

What makes Rock Star a special Japanese restaurant, and probably among the best, is due to its amazing service and excellent ingredient choices. Most diners are extremely delighted to try new dishes, and here, the chefs are far beyond imaginative when it comes to the creation of sushi dishes. Sushi is impeccable; all ingredients are of premium quality, selected to cater to the needs of diners. Fish and meat choices are extremely fresh, which further highlights the flavors of their identities.

As most Japanese restaurants in different countries are often aimed towards the act of hiding the original flavors of different ingredients to showcase their seasonings, here at Rock Star, diners can truly understand each and every ingredient, and same applies to the culinary components that make up each unique dish. Professional chefs here at Rock Star provides diners with a wide variety of dishes, including Vegetarian menus, catering to the tastes of gourmets.

Fantastic Wagyu Tataki, excellent flavored Truffles, Otoro Fatty Tuna Sashimi, fresh Scallops, and even the Tempura served here at Rock Star proves to be extraordinary, far from ordinary sashimi and sushi dishes served elsewhere. For special occasions, Rock Star is also a great place with amazing dishes that standout – offering Vegetarian menus for veggie lovers and vegetarians, which shows how much they care for variety. Placing emphasis not only on the flavors but also the aesthetics, the visuals of all dishes served, Rock Star is definitely one of the best in London with culinary pieces of art.

When it comes to beverages, their best-selling drinks like Sake served here at Rock Star are as well refreshing and worth the try even for first-time triers. Overall, it is indeed one of the best places to visit for traditional, yet somewhat modern Japanese dishes. Sushi and sashimi lovers should definitely come to Rock Star to enjoy the exotic tastes of fresh ingredients.