Yatay Soho, UK

Yatay Soho, UK

Japanese cuisine is loved for the delicacy and subtleness; the unique and creative choices of a vast variety of fine quality ingredients guarantee diners the satisfactory tastes and flavors mentally healthy to the tastebuds and the brain cells. Japanese delicacies like sashimi and sushi menus are just among the most popular Japanese dishes. Featuring finest fresh, caught-from-sea raw ingredients, Sea Bass sashimi or Salmon sushi are the top two best-selling dishes in Japanese food restaurants and high-end specialty dining places.

Exploring the streets of London, diners are awe-struck with all the shining lights reflected on the glass doors of luxurious restaurants. Peeking through the glass doors, we can see the pleasant faces of diners enjoying their meals – in dinner time, grand restaurants and dining places are filled with the beams and laughter of gourmets, enjoying their fancy dining experiences with their loved ones.

For diners who are in deep, deep love with Japanese delicacies mentioned above, finding just the right Japanese food restaurant isn’t such a simple task. In London, despite the crowded streets full of restaurants and passerby, searching for a culinary gem among the other restaurants may be a little tricky, especially when it comes to Japanese food. As the authentic Japanese dishes and delicacies like sashimi will require a lot of attention and understanding when it comes to the crafting of each process, an authentic Japanese restaurant is not just anywhere to be easily found. Thus, there are many Japanese restaurants out there in London with unique menus, signature dishes, and fusion delicacies gourmets can enjoy with loved ones.

In the busy streets of London, Soho is yet another area with a variety of restaurants and luxurious dining places Japanese food lovers and gourmets can enjoy, having the best time of their lives. Among the top Japanese food restaurants in London’s Soho, only a selected few are considered the authentic Japanese restaurants diners can leave their trusts to. Right in the heart of Soho’s famed China Town, Yatay stands out among other Japanese restaurants for its street food inspired theme, welcoming diners with exceptional dining experiences – casual and easy-going vibes are accompanied by urban and soul music, lighting up the environment.

Here at Yatay Soho, diners can enjoy the first course with mouth-watering appetizers like the Gyu Gyoza, Butaman, Wakame seaweed salad, and the authentic Salmon Tataki to start off the dinner night. If you’re a veggie lover, Yatay’s Chirashi Don, Gohan, and Aka Kyabetsu are the famous, most-ordered dishes gourmets can easily enjoy, without having to worry about their heavy meat diet. Yatay Soho’s finest selections of enjoyable dishes like Robatayaki, Charcoal skewers, barbeque plates, and crafted delicate bites of this and that further makes this place a heaven for Japanese food lovers and gourmets alike. Each dish is intricately prepared and well arranged, through the fusion of traditional Japanese food preparation techniques with modern processes, resulting in the introduction of new and unique signature dishes not to be found elsewhere. The culinary elements of fresh ingredients, original seasonings and spices, and the techniques of fermentation as well as pickling processes, are what truly makes Yatay Soho a ‘different’ Japanese restaurant.

As drinks are also of high significance here in Yatay Soho, Sake and other Japanese traditional drinks are available to ensure both day and night dining experiences are exceptional and a satisfactory.

With this, Yatay Soho has always been alerted to expand its roots to other cities and countries due to its success. It is only right to try out the best dishes, enjoy the meal yourself or with your loved ones. Herre in Yatay Soho – savor the mouthful deliciousness with sushi and sashimi dishes.