UMU – The Kyoto-Inspired Michelin Star Restaurant

UMU – The Kyoto-Inspired Michelin Star Restaurant

The fancy, vivid colors of city lights and the charismatic movements of cars trespassing into the territories of the unknown regarded London a heaven on earth for tourists and locals alike. For food lovers and gourmets, London is indeed, without deny, a paradise on earth – the variety of food stalls, bars, and the grand, luxurious restaurants offer just the best dining experiences to all diners coming from different destinations. In various parts of London lie numerous authentic, traditional Japanese food restaurants to capture the hearts of Japanese food lovers and ‘Kuishinbos’. If you’re a food lover, an extreme gourmet, and a supertaster, roaming around the streets of London will surely make your day a happy one – with lineups of extravagant, yet authentic Japanese restaurants available in the city of vibrant lights and colors, culinary gems are yet to be discovered.

Although there are numerous Japanese restaurants in London, not all of them are authentic, traditional ones that offer a variety of dishes with roots from the foundations of Japanese culinary history. Among the best Japanese food restaurants in London, UMU, the Kyoto-inspired Michelin Star restaurant is indeed a must-visit and more than just an ordinary Japanese restaurant.

Supreme Quality Ingredients

Here at UMU, diners will be offered the fine selections of superior quality ingredients which include indigenous, line caught fishes from areas around British Aisles and Cornwall. Chef Yoshi’s passion and dedication to produce wonderful dishes from fine quality ingredients paved way to his personal training for Cornwall fishermen – teaching them the ‘Ikejime’ way of killing as well as preserving the caught fishes within the standards.

UMU favors a much refined tradition – with the executive head chef Ryo Kamatsu holding the traditional Japanese method of Ikejime in high regard. Without being too close in proximity with the Westernized ways, having fusion of tastes and combinations of such added into the variety of dishes served here an UMU, chefs dedicated their time to craft authentic, Japanese dishes with hopes to express and portray the message of true delicacy and exotic blends of the Japanese taste through unique ingredient combinations. UMU prides with fine selections of Sashimi, also catering to the preferences of diners and gourmets by having numerous vegetarian dishes as options. Kaluga caviar, Tuna Tartare, Assorted Shellfish Sunomono, and other seasonal Kaiseki tasting menus are incredibly addicting and regarded as the best dishes offered here in UMU.

Located in Mayfair, London, UMU is considered among the most luxurious and extraordinary Japanese restaurants offering quality services and dishes alike. It is indeed a dining spot with elegance in its very own space, with a perfect view right from its entrance to the elegantly decorated room – definitely a restaurant for all special occasions. Akin to being right in Tokyo, UMU provides gourmets with just the right atmosphere and ambience to take them all to the journey of elegance and glamour, tasting divine Sashimi pieces and sushi dishes with joy. With head chefs who are dedicated to give their all and perform the best of their abilities in the crafting of delicious dishes, your night to fine dine will be filled with utmost happiness, satisfaction, and wonderful memories.

Be sure to make a reservation prior to your visit to enjoy having the best experience at UMU. Providing necessary details in regards to your personal tastes, preferences, and allergic conditions will be very helpful to a successful reservation, as well as the best dining experience you would receive at UMU. If you’re looking for an elegant place to fine dine with your friends and loved ones, UMU is definitely a must-visit and a fancy Japanese restaurant that comes right to mind.