Sexy Fish, Berkeley Square House Hot Spot

Sexy Fish, Berkeley Square House Hot Spot

img by : Sexy Fish

Dinner without fish sounds ‘fishy’, so we’re out and about looking for places we could find fresh, mouth-watering fish delights. In London, there are numerous places to dine but whining comes after several attempts of the search for savoring, deliciously cooked fish dishes. Cooking fish involves the understanding of each fish’s characteristics; to avoid the unwanted fishy odor, most restaurants would have their own recipes to keep the undesirable scents away. However, once fish is the major ingredient in a dish, more so like a main character of a cabaret show, the fishy smell needs to ‘stay’, or in other words, ‘enhanced’.

Authentic, Japanese style fish sashimi and other fish dishes earned the fame for the enhanced scents and flavors chefs would present and bring out. Unlike stir-fried menus, Japanese fish sashimi dishes are to be eaten ‘raw’; with this being the utmost important factor, the essential part of enjoying sashimi, it is a great annoyance not being able to find just the right sushi restaurant around London. Strolling along the streets of London, ‘Sexy Fish’ seems to be just the right place to enjoy a great dining experience with loved ones, friends, and colleagues. Without a doubt, ‘Sexy Fish’ is a Japanese restaurant that enhances the tastes and the scents of fish.

Indeed among the best Japanese restaurants in London, Sexy Fish is a must-visit destination at Berkeley Square House, specifically for gourmets and Japanese food lovers around Mayfair.

Sexy Fish intends to make fish ‘sexy’

Serving creative dishes and signature menus that feature all the best of fish delights. Here at Sexy Fish, the imaginative dishes featuring Blue Fin Tuna, Salmon, Sea Bass, and other mouth-watering raw ingredients are as creative as its unique, chic deco. The warm, cozy, yet extravagant deco and furniture placement marks Sexy Fish as one of London’s sexiest place to fine dine. To add up to the suspense, the imaginary minds behind Sexy Fish’s interior design is no other than the famed architect, Martin Brudnizki for his creative placements of various components, Damien Hirst for the mysterious, hand-crafted mermaid sculptures, and beautiful set of artworks by Frank Gehry as well as Michael Roberts.

The interior is designed to enhance opulence and glamour like that of the mid-centuries. Located just at the corner of Berkeley Square, Sexy Fish’s interiors and creativity stands out and shines bright, thanks to all the designers’ hard work and conceptual ideals.

They serve fine quality sushi, sashimi, seafood, fish, and meat here at Sexy Fish. Although their fish menus are well-known for the unique explosions of originality when it comes to both scents and flavors that blend with various seasonings and sauces, their mouth-watering seafood dishes are accompanied along with special drinks to mark a great evening dining experience. Their all-time specials feature: Sexy Sashimi Platter, Wagyu Gunkan, Gillardeau Oyster and Chili, as well as the special Sexy Yuzu. Accompanied with a variety of premium cocktails, unique and subtle desserts, Japanese whisky, and fancy wines, no one can deny the signature sashimi slithers and the mouth-watering Maki pieces either.

If you’re around the corner, visiting Sexy Fish is just a great idea to satisfy your taste buds, stop the tummy growls, and feed your ego. Here at Sexy Fish, the fancy delights are ready to serve you and your loved ones daily. Lunch courses are only available from Mondays to Fridays (weekdays), a la carte from Mondays to Sundays, late night menus from Thursdays to Saturdays. It is best to enjoy the bliss of fine dining with advanced reservations to keep the disappointment away.